What If? by DATA grad, Hana Wexler

Online tutorials for software programs have taken off tremendously in the recent years.

As part of being a life long learner you will need to be able to continue searching out and evaluating
resources for what you want to learn on your own!
  • Using the web Resources below, locate and complete tutorials
  • Please feel free to add your own tutorial resources to the list!!!
  • All work turned in for credit must be 100% your art work!

Visit the Online Tutorial Gallery here!

(coming soon)

How To

  • Google Photoshop tutorials or browse the resources in the Web Resources below
  • Follow the steps for the tutorials using your own images

Web Resources

Below is a RSS feed from my Delicious resources for Online Tutorials. This widget feeds only the most recent additions.
Please know that there are more!

Professional Examples

  • What can YOU find?

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