Big Idea


Essential Question

How do logos visually symbolize a customer experience?

The Challenge

Develop, design, and pitch a logo package to the client

Guiding Questions

  1. What is the look and feel of the customer experience?
  2. How will the graphics be used?
  3. What 'deliverables' is the client expecting?
  4. Where can you find resources to learn Adobe Illustrator?
  5. What is the design process?
  6. What are the client's goals?

Guiding Activities and Resources


  1. Participate in the presentation by graphic artist Joshua Butler
  2. View the Sizzor Shak Requirements
    • Understand all information provided!
  3. Form design teams of two people
    1. Review the Requirements together!
  4. Create 5 sketches each of your initial ideas
  5. Reply to the Sizzor Shak Logo Challenge Discussion Forum (DAE Graphic Design group) BEFORE THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 12th!
    • In your post...
      • Tell us who your design team is
      • Include your 5 sketches (10 per design team)
        • Scan if needed
  6. locate and post any learning resources in the appropriate Discussions
    1. Inspiration and tutorials for learning


  1. Create your THREE logo designs using Adobe Illustrator
  2. Produce your mock ups per the Deliverables using Photoshop
  3. Post your work to the DAE Ning BEFORE NOVEMBVER19th!


  1. In your design team, pitch your work to Joshua for feedback on MONDAY DECEMBER 7TH
  2. Reply to the Sizzor Shak Follow Up 1 with the following
    • What were your conceptual challenges?
    • What were your technical challenges?
    • What do you need or want to learn more about Illustrator?
    • What feedback from Joshua was helpful?
    • Find a logo online that inspires you. Embed it in your Reply. How does it effect YOUR identity?

PART 4 Screen_shot_2009-12-10_at_2.31.50_PM.png

  1. participate in the Illustrator workshop with Joshua
    1. How to modify text
    2. Use the Pen Tool to make smooth curves
    3. Using the Pathfinder Tool
    4. Hidden paths
    5. Using Paragraphing
    6. Text on a path
    7. CMYK vs. RGB
    8. Exporting
    9. Using Adobe's Kuler to visualize color palettes


(Take it back to the drawing board...)
  1. With your partner, rework one of your logo designs
  2. Direct any Illustrator related questions to Joshua via the Sizzor Shak Follow Up 1 Discussion on the DAE Ning
  3. Apply the logo to the Deliverables mentioned above^
  4. Post your new designs to the Sizzor Shak Logo Challenge Discussion by FRIDAY DECEMEBR 18th!

Take the 99 Designs Challenge!


  • Post your work as an ALBUM to the DAE Ning for portfolio collection and feedback from Josh

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