Objective: Transforming an ordinary image into EXTRA-ordinary using symmetry.

Web Resources

  3. Another World Dominated by Trees
  4. Mirrored Photography by Gustav Willeit


Complete 10 Butterfly Effect images

How To

  1. Shoot your subjects: people, places, and/or things.
  2. In Photoshop, open the image that you want to mirror.
  3. Unlock the background layer by clicking the lock on the layer.
  4. Double the Canvas Size of your image to accommodate the need for 'doubled' size
    • Image>Canvas Size
      • Double either the width or length in the New Size
  5. Duplicate the unlocked layer by hitting Command+J.
  6. Using the Move tool, drag the layers to opposite sides of the image area.
  7. Mirror the duplicated layer
    • Transform it by hitting Command+T on the keyboard
    • Right click the transform box and select Edit>Flip Vertical or Edit>Flip Horizontal
    • Hit return to remove the transform box
  8. Crop your image with the Crop tool so there is no extra space around the image area.

*Not satisfied with your results?
  • Try creating images with four or MORE layers!

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